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Europe’s Most Beautiful Railway Stations.

Europe’s Most Beautiful Railway Stations.

What is Europe’s most beautiful railway station? Which European city has the most stunning railway stations? Why did they choose these particular locations? Today, rail travel remains an important means of transport around the globe. For example, in 2016, almost 4 million travellers chose to take the train to get from Paris to Venice. In addition, trains also play a vital role in connecting cities across Europe. There are over 3,500 kilometers (2,200 miles) of tracks throughout the continent.

Railway stations are often considered landmarks. They provide travellers with rest stops, shopping opportunities, and even sightseeing experiences. Some of them remain untouched for decades or longer, providing memories for generations of passengers. These are some of the most beautiful railway stations in the world.

Prague Castle Station, Czech Republic

This station, located at the heart of Prague, lies within the grounds of the Prague Castle complex. This station was designed by Otto Wagner, who was one of the leading architects of the Austrian-Hungarian Empire. Hence it is known as the “Gateway to Bohemia” due to its historical significance. It was here that the Hapsburg emperor Ferdinand I officially signed a treaty establishing the independence of Bohemia and Moravia from Austria on October 28, 1742. The main hall is 60 meters long and 25 meters wide. Its spacious interior design provides space for shops, restaurants and entertainment venues.

Saint Pancras International Station, London, UK                                                Europe’s Most Beautiful Railway Stations.

This impressive Victorian Gothic structure was completed in 1868. The architect behind the project was George Townsend Andrews. The original idea for the station came from Sir William Tite, who died before seeing his plans come to life. He never saw what became of it because he died of an overdose of chloroform. The railway company knew they needed something spectacular if they wanted more passengers to use their service. They turned to George Townsend Andrews, who had been responsible for many other railway stations around England.

Today, this is still one of London’s major commuter hubs. Trains leave every few minutes during rush hour and there are links to all parts of the capital and beyond. Travel time between King’s Cross and Waterloo takes just under 30 minutes.

Gare du Nord, Paris, France

When you enter the station, you have access to two large halls: the Grand Hall and the Petit Hall. The Grand Hall contains retail outlets while the Petit Hall offers fast food options. On either side of the platforms, there are public rooms where people can buy tickets, catch up on newspapers, and magazines, listen to music or enjoy free Wi-Fi internet connections.

Istanbul Atatürk Airport – Turkey

Istanbul Atatürk Airport is located in Turkey and serves as a primary airport for the Turkish capital. Many high-speed trains serve the station including the famous Orient Express. Passengers have direct access to the terminal through a tunnel. Atatürk Airport opened on November 11, 1934. After years of construction, the total cost was approximately $25,000,000.

Amsterdam Central Station – Netherlands

This station is one of the biggest railway stations in the Netherlands. Construction of the railway station began in 1896 and continued for over 100 years. A fire burned down the building in 1936. The current station building cost about $38,000,000 in 2007. From there you can catch many Euro star International Trains to London, Brussels, Cologne, Madrid and elsewhere.

Budapest Keleti Station – Hungary

The first Keleti station opened in 1915 and closed down in 1996 due to structural problems. The rebuilt building was opened in 2003 to serve the growing number of people who were traveling internationally and wanted to switch from domestic flights to international ones. This station is one of Budapest’s biggest tourist attractions. One can enter the station through the large Grand Avenue mall, named after Grand Boulevard, and walk straight up to ticket counters, shops, restaurants and cafes.

Zurich – Switzerland

Zurich HB is part of the Swiss Rail network. The main railway station was constructed in several stages. The first opening was in 1862. By 1890 the main platform had already been constructed. On the eastern side, the Kaiser Bridge (Kaiserbrücke) spans the Limmat River. In 1951 the Swiss Federal Railways bought the northern track from SBB and the southern track from ZVV. Thus, the two stations were connected under one roof. Between 1962 and 1965 the east wing was added. This wing included additional tracks and platforms.

In conclusion , if we have left out any major European train station please feel free to add them. We will be adding more travel guides regarding European rails and online casino games soon! So stay tuned!

Travel tips

Travel Tips – How to Plan an Amazing Trip with No Money.

Are you ready for a trip? Whether you want to visit new places or simply enjoy time off from work, travelling has never been easier. It’s also cheaper today than ever before. Even budget travellers can travel well without spending much money at all. All you need is some inspiration and these travel tips.

Create a Budget Plan

Before you go anywhere, create a budget and start saving for your trip right away. This will help you to save up more funds for the next phase of planning, which is where things can get sticky. You’ll be able to see if any unexpected costs could derail your plans and take you out of budget.

Stay Alert to Discounts                                                                                        Travel Tips

If you want to save as much as possible while still having fun during your travels, make sure to pay attention to discounts that might be available. For example, many airlines offer promotional fares that allow you to fly for less than you would otherwise have paid. In addition, some hotels are offering promotions where they will give you great deals if you book early enough.

Check Out Travel Agencies

Another way to save money when travelling alone or with friends is by checking out local travel agents. These people know what kind of services are offered in each city, so they can find you cheaper accommodations and tickets to sights that are worth seeing, such as museums and tourist attractions. They also may have recommendations on places to eat and shops that you won’t find on your own.

Look Into Discounted Airline Tickets

If you’re going somewhere warm, consider taking advantage of discounted airline tickets. Many times, major carriers like United Airlines and American Airlines will offer special prices to travellers who buy tickets at certain times. Also, booking through specific websites can lead to even better deals.

Find Cheap Accommodations

When it comes to finding cheap accommodations, there is nothing like staying at home! The best part about this strategy is that you don’t need to worry about getting lost or paying exorbitant amounts of money. Most apartments or houses are likely to have kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, and baths. Instead of searching for “cheap hotels” online, try looking for apartments instead.

Use Airbnb

If you don’t mind sharing your apartment with strangers, then Airbnb is a great option for affordable accommodations on your international trips. Plus, you can usually find plenty of options depending on the size of your group.

Ask Friends for Help

Going on vacation isn’t always easy. If you’re struggling to come up with the cash for airfare or accommodation, ask your friends or family members for assistance. Some people might not think twice before giving a stranger money, but others might feel uncomfortable doing so. Be open-minded though, because there are many ways that your friends can help you out.

Make Sure Your Passport is Valid

One thing you want to avoid when travelling abroad is losing your passport. Even if you only plan on leaving the country temporarily, you should keep a backup copy with you at all times just in case. And if you lose your passport, you can contact the U.S. Embassy immediately to get another one since most countries do not require applicants to carry multiple passports.

Consider Renting a Car

With all the benefits of public transportation systems around the world, renting a car can be more convenient. You can stop and go whenever you wish, and you don’t have to worry about carrying heavy luggage or waiting for public transport. Of course, you’ll have to factor rental costs into any travel budget you have, but these can add up quickly over time.

Bring Cash With You

Most foreign countries accept U.S. dollars, making them ideal locations if you’d rather travel without spending too much money. However, it’s important to note that many smaller stores don’t take credit cards, so make sure you have enough cash on hand.

Find Free Things To Do While You’re Away

While travelling is expensive, taking time to explore free things to do in each location is a great way to save money. Whether it’s visiting museums, going shopping, or simply sitting back and relaxing, there’s no better way to see a new city than by experiencing its culture.

The Bottom Line.

Travelling isn’t cheap, which means you’ll have less money left after paying for food, lodging, activities, and tickets. That said, there are plenty of ways to save money even when you’ve put as much thought as possible into where to stay, what to eat, and how to spend your free time. By avoiding costly mistakes like booking flights late or forgetting your passport, you can enjoy a trip that fits within your budget. You can even enjoy free casino games whilst you are travelling .

The Best Restaurants To Visit in Italy this Festive Season.

The Best Restaurants To Visit in Italy this Festive Season.

Italy has become a culinary hotspot over the last couple of years, especially since Michelin awarded three stars to two Italian chefs – Francesco Mazzei at Bistrot Bruno Loubet in Paris and Massimo Bottura from Osteria Francescana in Modena. The latter restaurant was also given its third star in 2015. Here are our picks of the best restaurants to visit this Christmas. Discover new dishes, taste local wines and enjoy the unique atmosphere these restaurants offer.

1.      La Barrique

The Best Restaurants To Visit in Italy this Festive Season.
                                                                Italian Food


A feast for your eyes and palate with an exclusive tasting menu! Located right next to Palazzo Ducale in the historic centre of Milan, La Barrique is one of the most exciting new openings we have seen recently. Chef Giuseppe De Luca’s menu offers seasonal ingredients that are locally sourced and cooked to perfection. Dishes like ‘Porcini Soup’ or ‘Truffle Salsa’ will leave you wanting more.

2.      Cantinetta Della Visnasca

This traditional Venetian wine bar boasts a creative set-up and modern presentation of classic dishes made simply but beautifully. You won’t find any pretension here. Expect delicious cuisine based on fresh fish, homemade pasta and local ingredients. It’s perfect for those looking to try something different. They serve lunch for €24 per person.


3.      Le Chic Boutique

Just opened by top French chef Alain Passard, this intimate restaurant is located inside the Hotel Belvedere Palace in Venice. Its decor is inspired by his favourite places such as Shanghai, New York and Japan. He serves Mediterranean-inspired dishes using only the finest produce. His menu changes seasonally so don’t miss out!


4.      The Spuntino Club

If you have been following us on social media then you’ll know about this amazing project in downtown Rome! Focusing on food served and presented in small portions, it’s no wonder this place has been named ‘World’s Best Restaurant’ twice! Book ahead if possible.


5.      Zuma Beach Club & Grill

If you’re looking to be pampered and relaxed while still having fun, look no further than this beach club which overlooks Los Angeles. Dine overlooking the ocean while sipping on cocktails and listening to live music. There’s nothing better than watching boats go past while enjoying your meal!


6.      Casanova

Las Vegas may have all of the glitz but there’s no denying that you can get the same sophisticated and elegant vibe in San Francisco without all the lights and traffic. Casanova takes dining to another level within walking distance of Union Square. Specializing in Italian grills, their beef and chicken dishes are cooked to order. Don’t forget to try the white chocolate bread pudding for dessert. Make sure you book ahead!


7.      Giorgio Locatelli’s Tosca Cafe

Now based in London, this stylish cafe specializes in serving artisanal coffee and simple yet flavourful meals. Their breakfast offerings include “Gigante” or giant pancakes loaded with toppings. Lunch specials feature salads, soups and sandwiches whilst dinner ranges from wood oven pizza to slow-roasted lamb shoulder.


8.      Pizzeria Delfina

Another pizzeria opening in London is this much-loved eatery from Rome-born restaurateur Stefano Esposito. With locations across the capital, customers line up for Delfina’s thin-crust pies, gorgonzola and fig salad and alcoholic granitas. By day they offer the famous antipasti del mare (seafood antipasti), at night it’s steak. Either way expect high-quality, tasty fare.


9.      Osteria Francescana .

Renowned chef Massimo Bottura took home the title of the best Italian restaurant in the world two years running. In 2015 he opened Osteria Francesca in Modena, Italy. For the first time since being awarded the title, Bottura challenged himself by cooking without any rules, guidelines or recipes. Only four chefs were handpicked to participate and eight months later Osteria Francescanna was born. Wowing critics, friends and family, the restaurant continues to earn accolades for its unique take on Italian cuisine.


10. The NoMad Hotel

One of Manhattan’s newest hotspots, The No Mad is a fusion luxury hotel, bar and restaurant. Set over five floors, guests will enjoy an apartment-like experience, where standard rooms are just one part of a larger room. Private residences come complete with living spaces including kitchens, bedrooms, living rooms and terraces. A resident DJ sets up camp each evening until 4 AM, playing everything ranging from hip-hop to jazz and house. This is considered to be one of the best restaurants in Italy.


The Bottom Line.

There are hundreds of other great places to eat if these 10 spots don’t quite cut it. So whether you want to feast on superfood bites like acai bowls or indulgent eats like lobster mac & cheese, check out our ultimate listing of the best restaurants in Italy right now. Don’t forget also to check out online casino games.

What to Pack When Travelling To Italy

Travelling To Italy Here is What You Should Pack

Travelling has never been easier, thanks to modern advances in technology. And with modern advancements in luggage come great improvements in the way that items can fit into suitcases. For example, today’s smaller bags allow for the greater number of pockets, compartments, and zips. This means that you no longer need to spend hours sorting out what belongs where to ensure you have enough room.


Italy is recognized as being one of the coolest places in the world to visit. From foodies to history buffs, no matter where you decide to go, you’ll be sure to fall head over heels for Italy’s charm. Whether you choose Rome or Florence, Venice or Milan, each city offers something unique to see and do. And, whether you’re visiting during the summer months, wintertime, or even Spring Break, packing for your trip won’t be hard at all!


Whether you’re going for a week or a month, you’ll always need to bring along enough clothes for a couple of days or longer. What else should you take? Below, we’ve listed our recommendations for what to include in your suitcase when travelling to Italy.


Travelling Insurance

There’s nothing worse than worrying about where you’re going to sleep or eating dinner when you’re away from home. Get coverage now and rest easier knowing you’re protected in case anything goes wrong.

travelling to Italy


Travelling shoes

When you travel make sure to get comfortable footwear that’ll keep you moving throughout your travels. You can’t get from point A to B without getting up off the couch.


Your passport and any other important documents

Don’t forget your passport! Make sure it’s always with you and ready to use when needed. Carry copies of your identification too, just in case. This is the most important item you must carry when travelling you won’t go anywhere if you don’t have it.


Money & an ATM card

No matter how much money you plan to spend on souvenirs, you don’t always know if you’ll have access to an ATM, or if there will be fees involved. Bring both – especially if you’re planning on travelling to Italy. You should also carry a debit card in case your credit cards aren’t accepted.


Lightweight raincoat

While most people think of umbrellas when they hear “raincoats,” many people overlook this essential piece of clothing. Umbrellas are great, but they’re not exactly lightweight, and you can find ones that weigh quite a bit. Instead, opt for a lightweight poncho-style raincoat. It’ll provide protection against the elements, and it doesn’t add extra weight to your bag.


Flip flops/thongs or sandals

Not everyone needs to wear socks while they’re away. But if you’re headed for warmer climates, flip-flops or thongs may come in handy. They tend to be lighter than boots, and if you wear them indoors, they’ll make your feet feel nice and cosy. Just remember to change into dry socks once you arrive.



Another item that’s often overlooked, sunglasses protect your eyes from UV rays and bright lights. Look for quality frames, which will last for years.


Camera equipment

Of course, you want your camera to work perfectly, but if you’re bringing it along anyway, why not pack some accessories too? These little extras can help you capture memories of your trip, like extra batteries, memory cards, and compact fluorescent bulbs (CFL).


Extra shirt(s)

If you’re heading somewhere warm, there’s really no reason not to pack an extra T-shirt or two. It’s a good idea to pack a few pairs in different sizes so you can layer appropriately.



Even though Italy isn’t known for its sunny weather, don’t skip sunscreen at the very least! The sun can still cause damage even if it’s cloudy outside. And while packing sunscreen is never a bad thing, make sure you bring plenty of it. Also, look for a lip balm instead of relying on your moisturizer alone to do the job.


Laptops, tablets, and chargers

Technology has changed the way we live our lives. Whether you’re online shopping, watching movies, reading books, or playing games, technology allows us to stay connected wherever we go. So why leave your gadgets behind when you are travelling?


The Bottom Line.

Before you decide whether to take any of these items, keep in mind what other travellers usually pack. That’s half the battle right there. Once you’ve got that figured out, start thinking about what would make sense to include in your suitcase. Don’t forget to factor in any special considerations, such as allergies or dietary preferences.