Foods You Should Eat in Italy

You can’t say that you have had a fun time in Italy if you haven’t eaten their delicious food.  There are so many options that you can pick from. Therefore, if you play your cards right in your online casino gaming, you might win enough money to afford all the dishes.

But if you can’t do that, then this article is going to give you the foods you should eat in Italy. You might find them at Italian restaurants. And it will not be the same as that Italian restaurant around the corner at your house; these will be so much better.




The whole idea of Pizza first originated in Italy. And Italians are quite creative when it comes to their pizza. For them, there is no limit; anything can be used as a topping for their pizza. Therefore, be prepared to be surprised by the various options. Additionally, Italy is the home of some of the best cheese makers; therefore, this pizza will be rich. 


A Pizza
Foods You Should Eat in Italy – Pizza

There is Roman pizza and Neapolitan pizza. While the Neapolitan pizza is a bit smaller, the crust is much thicker, thus making it more filling. On the other hand, the Roman pizza has a thinner crust and is a lot crunchier but a lot bigger in terms of size.




The Italian version of Lasagne is a lot richer than the one you would find across the world. No one knows where the meal originated from, but it sure is more perfect when you eat it in Italy. For most places, the Lasagne can be served meatless. But, it is more delicious when you get to add in a little bit of meat.  Therefore, try it out and see if it is the same as the one you would find at home.

A Slice of Lasagne in a White Dinner Plate




Florentina Steak

We know that steak can be a little expensive. But you will enjoy your meal if you try out this special type of steak. There are so many specifications that need to be observed while preparing this meal. Therefore, you might not be able to nail it if you try it on your own.



A Rump Steak on Top of a Wooden Board and a Red Glass of Wine
Rump Steak

For example, the meat must come from a specific breed of cow known as the Chianina cow, which can be found in Tuscany. The meat has to be at least 5cm thick and taken from the loin of the cow.  Also, it must be cooked for 5-7 minutes on each side.




Travelling time is not the right time to be watching your weight, especially if you will be travelling to Italy. Therefore, you get to eat a lot of starch from the high-quality Italian rice. There are so many variations of the creamy dish that you can experiment with. Italy is the biggest supplier of rice in Europe; therefore, you are guaranteed a delicious rice meal. You will need to stay a little bit longer to be able to try out all of their rich and delicious meals.





Mushroom Rissoto in a Wooden Bowl