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Verona Opera

a Roman outpost, now a World Heritage City, Verona has, over the
centuries, acquired the patina of a treasured antique. Against
the backdrop of Roman walls, Romanesque churches and medieval
palaces, its streets are clean and well maintained, its shops
enticingly filled with sought-after designer wares, and its
manicured parks and piazzas are lively focal points for the
daily passeggiata.
At its heart is the 2000-year-old Roman amphitheater, the
Arena, home to the summer Opera Festival of Verona.

Schweitzer’s Opera Travel to Verona program, established
in 1977, offers package tours that include tickets to one or more
performances, 4 star hotel lodging, and a choice of travel accommodations.
These packages offer excellent seating
for every performance, first class hotel accommodations and the company
of a delightful and knowledgeable host. 

star lodging
is provided in
the heart of the city – within a few steps of the Arena, several good
restaurants and the main shopping street.
The hotel is air-conditioned and includes ensuite

Upholstered seats
at opera performances are either in the 1st or the 10th row of the
orchestra, and offer
spacious leg room and unrestricted views to the massive stage. Seat selection is made upon booking.

are a couple of notes about the opera packages: 
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